Sunday, April 12, 2009

L.O.V.E is C.I.N.T.A

Have you ever been silently in love
With someone you can never have?
So close you can touch his hand
Yet, so far to feel his heart?
Have you ever lived in pretense
Quietly loving without any condition?
A feeling of love that's unknown
Hiding it, not knowing for how long.

Have you ever fallen deeply
Loving the person unconditionally?
So afraid to say what you feel
Acting normal, keeping things still.

Have you ever been hurt unintentionally
But put on a smile, pretended to be happy?
Deep inside you're in pain and suffering
But outside you're jolly and laughing.

Why does holding his hand feel so right?
Your heart smiles everytime he's at sight
Hearing his sweet voice makes your day
Hope you can hug him in a special way...

Sometimes we argue, I don't know why.
Then I sit and wonder, why do I cry?
I cry because I love you,
I cry because I care,
I cry because I feel we have a love so rare,
sometimes I'm afraid I'll turn around and you won't be there.

I love you every minute,
I love you every day,
I even love you when we argue,
I love you when we play.

Sometimes I've wondered do you love me too,
then I look in your eyes and I know it's true.
So when I say something a little crazy or I do something you don't feel is right,
Please, let's try to work it out so we won't fight.

Some people take relationships for granted it's sad to hear but true,
I don't want this to happen, not with you.
I want our relationship to be completely from the heart so we both know,
no matter what we go through we will never part...

Sitting in silence,
In the middle of the night,
Not able to sleep,
Because of our stupid fight.

Love now lost,
So much pain,
Its not all about you,
Dont be so vain.

I dont know what to say
My feelings are mixed,
Im wondering if ever,
Things will be fixed.

I was so sad,
As you walked out the door,
Our relationship broken,
But I couldnt take any more.

I didnt want us to end,
I want you to know,
Ill always love you,
But can't let it show.

Its too complicated,
And will always be,
I love you to bits,
But you cant be with me.

I have to tell you,
I believe in fate,
Im waiting for God,
To find my sole mate.

I know Im crazy,
Even insane,
But I believe in this,
And have no shame.

I'm so sorry,
I'm not right with you,
Now I'm saying goodbye,
What else can I do?..